Day 1 – 5

It’s 2018! What a year to be alive. 2017 was great, but let’s journey together this year. 365 days of Thankfulness is the goal.

Everyone at some point can use a small reminder of things to be thankful for and that is the plan for 2018.

So let’s get started…

Day 1:

I am thankful for a brand new year. New year, means reflecting on old goals and making new ones. New plans, new direction maybe? Maybe nothing new actually happened. But, guess what? You made it. It’s 2018! Be thankful!

Day 2:

I am thankful for rest. Sometimes, we get caught up in the hectic craziness of life. Today, I was able to find rest. And I don’t mean a nice afternoon nap. I mean true, legitimate rest. Home with family where there was no plans, no stress and no drama. If you haven’t had a chance to spend some time to simply rest. Do it. Make time for it. Trust me, you’ll be thankful for it too.

Day 3:

I am thankful for a job. Today, I was back to work after the Christmas and New Year’s break and I am blessed to say that I have a great job. I know many people who don’t have one or that can’t stand their jobs. I am thankful to have one and a plus, one that I enjoy. Having a job can be an easy thing to overlook or even underappreciate. If you have a job, be thankful. There are tons that would love to have one too.

Day 4:

I am thankful for heat! Let me tell you what! Living in Michigan, it can get cold. Lately, it’s been in the negatives! That’s just too cold. Now, I understand their are places that get even colder and all I can say to that is, I bet they are just as thankful for the heat! I cannot wait to sit my happy self in front of a heater after being in the cold. If you live in the cold, you know what I’m talking about. Heat, too much is just terrible, but during the frigid temps of a Michigan winter, I am super thankful for it.

Day 5:

I am thankful for Chikfila! If you know what Chikfila is than you know what I’m talking about. The golden waffle fries. The crispy chicken sandwich. The Chikfila sauce. And especially the sweet tea! Oh my, oh my!

My family drives an hour to get to our nearest Chikfila. Worth it, every time! It’s may seem silly, but that’s ok. Maybe you have some random food place your thankful for too. If you do, let me know. What’s your go to place of tasty thankfulness?

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