Day 7

Today, I’m thankful for the gorgeous sunrise we had today. I wish I took a photo! I’m sure everyone at some point has had a chance to witness a beautiful sunrise. I’ve seen some pretty good ones and each time I see it, I’m reminded of the beauty that God designs. Each sunrise is a reminder that I made it another day. It’s a reminder that I have another opportunity to be the best me, to spend time with family, friends and enjoy the world around me. To live life to the fullest.

A sunrise is something that happens every day and yet how often do you get a chance to just take a moment and enjoy it? If your like me, a morning person, than catching the sunrise is easy to do, but if not, makes plan to do it. Snap a photo and share it. What did the sunrise make you think about? Each sunrise is unique, with different colors, clouds and beauty. You’ll enjoy it. I promise.

If you didn’t get to see the sunrise today, then when you wake up tomorrow, plan to check it out. Hopefully, you’ll get a great view too!

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