Day 9

Today I am thankful for socks. I know it sounds silly, but for real, what would we do without them?

I’m sure everyone has their own favorite pair they like to wear. Or maybe it’s a certain style. I am a fan of the low crew style.

What I enjoy most about socks is that when it’s cold outside or inside it’s almost an instant fix. Right now, my home is set to around 65 degrees and I don’t go anywhere around here without my socks on. They are just comfy and warm.

The best thing about socks though has to be a brand new pair. If I could wear a brand new pair every day, that would be the best.

Well, enough on my rant on socks. What about you? Do you have a favorite pair? Favorite style?

One thought on “Day 9

  1. This would be Emma’s thing to be thankful for. She truly loves socks. Not just any socks though, they need to be “fun” socks. She has over 100 pair of socks. She has them organized so she can wear what she feels is a good fit for the day. This love has trickled into Sam’s radar and Nyla’s. Simple article of clothing, but they can bring so much joy for her 🙂


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