Day 13

Today I am thankful for the faithfulness of God!

Today, a miracle happened. Truly, a wonderful gift that only God could make happen. Just this morning I was reading in my devotion about Joseph. I love the story of Joseph. If you don’t know it you can find the full story at the end of the book of Genesis in Chapters 37-50. It’s a great read. The short version is Joseph has a pretty crappy start to his life and got sold into slavery as a young boy by his brothers. Yeah, sometimes family can really stink. He ends up working hard and gets into a pretty good place but eventually gets wrongfully convicted of a crime and thrown into a prison. He spends a long time there. Eventually, God restores him and puts him second in charge of all Egypt. God is Faithful.

Yes it took awhile, but God did restore Joseph because He is Faithful. Joseph remained faithful to God all throughout what he went through and behind the scenes God was working out His plan.

God did something like that for me. He knew a long time ago, where I would be today and what I would need. Today, he provided that. If you don’t know Christ as your personal Lord and Savior, I’d love to talk with you about Him. He loves you, died for you, has a plan for you and is faithful.

~In His Grace, Blessings!

Godscheeziest šŸ™‚

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