Day 22

Today I am thankful for Hot Wheels!

Today, I got to spend quite a bit of time with my son Daniel. I love this kid so much! We’re watching some toons and Daniel says “Daddy, can you play with me? Well of course I can! What do you want to play?”

Daniel proceeds to ask if we can make a big track for his cars. Which means, it’s time for Hot Wheels!

Hot Wheels are one of those toys, that will never get old. I can see myself playing with those 20 years from now just for fun.

Daniel just loves it! We sent up one track with a double loop so his cars can attempt to make it all the way through. After about an hour of that fun he wanted to switch it up. Time for the figure 8.

The fascinating part about the figure 8 is we can just sit there together and giggle and enjoy watching the cars go around and around. I attempted a few times to put a second car on the track just to see how long it would last. Each time, Daniel’s car would run mine off the track. And he would just giggle. I love it.

Thank you Hot Wheels for helping me having a great time with son. I remember playing Hot Wheels with my dad and now here I am playing them with my son. Just amazing!

Do you play with hot wheels? Or have children that do? What about a favorite hot wheels car? Let me know in the comments.

-In His Grace, Blessings

Godscheeziest 🙂

2 thoughts on “Day 22

  1. Connor’s favorite thing when he was little was trains. He had a big train table and all kinds of “Thomas” trains. He’d sit for hours and play with those…sometimes he wanted to play all by himself; sometimes he wanted me to play too. The memories make me smile!


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