Day 28

Today I’m thankful for naps!

And the people said “Amen!”

Naps should be mandatory for all people. I’m fairly certain there are statistics now that prove how beneficial naps are for people. Today I had a great nap.

It’s a Sunday, which that alone should speak afternoon nap to everyone. Sundays are my Game Day. It’s what I’ve been praying for, prepping for and well one of the main parts of what I do as a Kids Pastor. So, by the afternoon I am spent. I am physically, emotionally and spiritually drained.

After Church I was able to get a sweet little power nap in before a Kids Camp meeting in the evening. It was glorious!

Do you like naps? Do you ever just sneak away to get a nice power nap in? I still stand on the fact that every workplace should push all workers to take power naps. Just my opinion though…

~In His Grace, Blessings

Godscheeziest 🙂

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