Day 30

Today I am thankful for Essential Oils.

I’m gonna be honest, at first I wasn’t a believer. I thought it was just another fad that would come and go. A waste of money. A pointless endeavor.

I was wrong. Not the first time and won’t be the last time.

I have been using essential oils for about a year now pretty consistently. It started with some friends of mine who use it and sell it. I bought some and discover just how awesome it is. The first one I ever used is called thieves and that stuff was amazing! It was like my own little personal healing oil.  A little thieves and a little coconut oil went a long way!

Well let me tell you about some stuff I’m using right now. I honestly don’t even know what’s in it. Some good friends of mine gave it to me to put on me and my kids when my wife got sick the other week. I’ve been rolling it on us like it’s going out of style! It seems as though everyone around has been getting sick and since I’ve been using this oil we have been fine. It’s amazing! Every morning before we leave for school/work and before we go to bed, I roll that little oil jar on and voila! So far, so good. No sickness for my kids and I!

I’m praying for continued protection from any of the sickness going around right now and I guarantee that I won’t be stopping this stuff any time soon. In fact, if you’ve never used, I’d highly reccommend it.

Do you use essential oils? If so, what are you favorites? Do you mix them and make some super oil?

~In His Grace, Blessings!

Godscheeziest 🙂

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