Day 32

Today I am thankful for my lunch meeting.

So this year, I made it a goal of mine to meet with 12 different leaders. All whom are older, wiser and have 3 very specific qualifications. They have to a married, they have to be a father and they need to be some kind of leader.

As far as the type of leader doesn’t matter as much. I want to grow! Plain and simple. I recognize that as a leader the best way for me to continue to grow is to push myself and learn from others.

I want to be a great husband to my wife. Not ordinary, not good, not ok. I want to be great. That doesn’t mean perfect, it just means I want to be purposeful in how I love her.

I want to be a great dad. I know that I am fun one, but there is much more to being a dad, than being the fun guy. I want to learn from dads who have done it and did it well. I want to learn from others on what has worked for them and not worked for them. I want to be great to my kids because they deserve the best that I can give them.

I want to be a great leader. In all that I do as a leader I want to be great at it. I am only 29! I know I have lots to learn, I have room to grow and I want to! I know that I can get better by learning from leaders who have been leading longer than me.

Today was the first lunch meeting of many! I am excited to learn, grow and get better! I believe all leaders should desire that same thing. To stay hungry, no matter how young or old your are. God called us to a high standard and I will do my very best to reach it.

~In His Grace, Blessings!

Godscheeziest 🙂

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