Day 33

Today I am thankful for my good friend Cheri.

Today is Cheri’s Birthday! I thought I would write a blog about her. She’s probably gonna kick my butt for this, but that’s ok, it’s my blog.

Cheri is one of the most caring people I’ve ever met. She cares about everyone and she’s geniune about it. I can speak of this because I know it to be true. If you know her, you know it to be true as well.

She is our Early Childhood director at my church. She’s been there longer than most and has a pretty difficult job at times. She is one of the best at it though. Her ability to care and love people is just the beginning. She is also super creative! In our kids meetings she comes up with some of the best ideas.

When it comes to the care of the little ones, she is a rockstar! I’ve got 2, almost 3 little ones and they all love her! As do probably most if not all of the little ones at our church.

Another thing about Cheri is that she is super smart. I mean really smart. She won’t bring it up, but she knows it. She is smarter than your average person. It’s just how God made her.

The last thing about Cheri that I’ll mention in this blog is her willingness to help and how willing her family is to help her. Her family is the whole package. They serve together, do life together and do a great job at it. It’s amazing. I love all of them. I’m grateful for them and grateful for Cheri. Everyone needs a friend like her. Happy Birthday Cheri!

~In His Grace, Blessings!

Godscheeziest 🙂

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