Day 48

Today I am thankful for GaGa Ball!

GaGa Ball is a great game! It’s typically played in an octogon shaped pit. However, here at Avalanche Winter Camp we play it in whatever room we can fit in. That room just so happens to be the fellowship room at our cabin.

It’s amazing to see much the boys get into this game. Shoot, it’s amazing to see the dad’s get into this game. The competition is fierce. Grown man vs 8 year old kid.

I’m not usually the one to just let a kid win, but tonight I still didn’t let him win. Hahaha The next round I got myself out though, so it evened out.

One of my favorite things about the game is watching my own boy participate. He’s having such a great time and I love seeing it. His smiles and his laughter, it makes being a Dad that much better.

If you’ve never played GaGa Ball and your physically able to, I’d suggest you try it one day. You might regret it, but you might just love it!

-In His Grace, Blessings!

Godscheeziest 🙂

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