Day 58

Today I am thankful for the Faithfulness of God.

Psalms 86:15 “But you, O Lord, are a God  merciful and gracious, slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love and faithfulness.”

Deuteronomy 7:9 Know therefore that the LORD your God is God, the faithful God  who keeps covenant and steadfast love with those who love him and keep his commandments, to a thousand generations,
Psalms 36:5  Your steadfast love, O LORD, extends to the heavens, your faithfulness to the clouds.
Psalms 89:8  O LORD God of hosts, who is mighty as you are, O LORD,  with your faithfulness all around you?
Psalms 119:90  Your  faithfulness endures to all generations;  you have established the earth, and it  stands fast.

These are just some of the verses on God’s Faithfulness. I can write all day about how He is faithful to me, but I really want to say is that I’m thankful for it.

God loves me, this I know for the Bible tells me so, but it’s so much more than that. He is faithful to me. He helps me everyday as a husband and father. He helps me everyday as a pastor. He helps me everyday as a regular ordinary guy. I am who I am today because of God’s faithfulness.

How is God faithful to you? Be blessed and know that He who created you loves you and is faithful.

~In His Grace, Blessings!

Godscheeziest 🙂

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