Day 69

Today I’m thankful for Chikfila!

Oh Chikfila, I could eat you seven times a day! Well, probably not, that would be overkill. On real note though, my family digs Chikfila. We have travelled over an hour at times just to eat it. It’s worth it to us.

I used to live in Florida where Chikfila was in abundance, but now that I am in Michigan, Chikfila is not so popular. Over the four years I’ve been here though several have been added and they’re all at least a 30 minute drive. A closer drive equals more Chikfila.

There is a group of us at church who are all big heaven sent chicken sandwich fans and will make the drive no matter how far. It’s just one of those things.

There is just something different about them. Maybe it’s there great attitude from start to finish, maybe it’s the delicious food that is served with a delightful smile. It could maybe even be the acoustic Christian music playing over head in the speakers.

Whatever it is, our family is excited everytime we go and my kids have grown up enjoying it like mom and dad. It’s a family experience for us and we love it. Teamcheesy are fans for life. Thank you Chikfila!

-In His Grace, Blessings!

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