Day 78

Today I am thankful for heated steering wheels.

I didn’t know that heated steering wheels were a thing until I got the car I have now. Talk about a blessing!

It’s been a crazy winter in Michigan this year and the cold has kicked my butt. One of the worst parts of the winter, at least for me, is that everything on me is cold. My ears, my nose, my feet, my hands! I have gloves, earmuffs, socks and all the things that help keep you warm in these months, but who likes to drive wearing gloves? Most people don’t, but anyone who’s driven in cold states knows what it’s like to touch the steering wheel first thing in the morning when it’s freezing outside. It’s like holding a frozen pole. It’s terrible. Until that is, the heated steering wheel came to save the day.

I’m not sure who invented the heated steering wheel, but whoever it was deserves a round of applause. It’s almost as good as heated seats, we’ll be thankful for that another day. It definitely helps in the winter months and I’m super grateful for it.

~In His Grace, Blessings!

Godscheeziest 🙂


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