Day 97

Today I am thankful for Lafayette Coney Island!

This week was filled with so much fun as we had family in town and did a lot more than usual. We wanted to explore Detroit a bit and it was recommended to me that I try out Lafayette Coney. I had never been there so I brought my family there and we all tried it out together. I was definitely glad I did.

I’m not typically a big hot dog guy, but that coney was definitely different that a typical one. In fact, to test that theory I went next door to the American Coney and had their special as well. I was right. Lafayette was definitely better!

I never would have gone if were not for my good friend who mentioned it to me. So Kim, if you ever this, thank you and thank you Lafayette for a great coney and helping to make new memories with my family.

~In His Grace, Godscheeziest 🙂

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