Day 106

Today I am thankful for the Coo of an infant.

Listen, if you have ever had a baby at home you know what I’m talking about. That innocent little noise that comes from a baby. I’m not talking about the south end either. I can sit here and listen to my little boy coo all day. Unfortunately, that sweet sound can quickly turn into much louder noises.

I just love it! It’s the sound that all newborns/infants make. A beautiful sound as they are trying to figure stuff out. I’m so glad God gifted me with this sweet boy and his sweet sounds. The other sounds are just funny, come on you know it.

I hope you chuckled at that. I know I did.

Thank you Lord the sweet sounds of a newborn baby. A gentle reminder of your love for me.

~In His Grace, Godscheeziest 🙂

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