Day 108

Today I am thankful for fruit smoothies.

Earlier today my beautiful bride requested that I pick her up a smoothie from Tropical Smoothie. Of course I obliged and picked her one up, however not without getting myself one as well. Oh man, oh man! I forgot how good a smoothie can be. In fact, I forgot how much I like smoothies.

I got some mango, ginger, orange smoothie. Oh snap, it was delicious! Who comes up with these ideas? I mean somebody along the course of history thought to mix fruit together and see how they’d taste all mixed up. They discovered that it was a great idea and probably should have thought of it sooner.

Regardless of when, I’m thankful for them. Smoothies are wonderful. If only Michigan weather matched how a smoothie makes me feel.

~In His Grace, Godscheeziest 🙂


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