Day 129

Today I am thankful for a Church full of diversity.

I get the privilege of working at and attending a great church. I could list a ton of things about it, but today I want to focus on just one. That one thing is diversity.

What a hot topic these days! Diversity. Race. It’s in the news everyday and it seems like every day there is some kind of injustice going on in America.  A place that was meant to be for all. I got to be honest, I can’t stand the news most days, in fact if I read the news it’s usually something related to technology, but occasionally I catch wind of another race case. It’s heartbreaking to see it happen and unfortunately so often. I am no expert on the topic and therefore I don’t speak often on the subject.

However, I am grateful for a church that believes in uniting people. All people. No bias attached, no agendas, no special purpose. The one and only goal is to grow in Christ.

As a Christian, I’m certain that Jesus came for all. No doubt about it. I’m grateful to serve a church that I believe is what worship will be like in Heaven. People of ages, colors, generations all together. No fighting, no drama, just the love of the Father.

If we could all just love a little better each day and think of ourselves a little less each day, I believe we can make some growth in a lot of areas.

Thank you Lord!

~ In His Grace, Godscheeziest 🙂

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