Day 130

Today I am thankful for the Spring Concert at my daughter’s school!


As you can tell from the goofy photos from above, I have quite the character in my daughter. She is a ball of energy & a joy to my life, if you can’t find her, she’s in each picture and she’s the one with a different expression on each time. She is pretty much 100 percent energy all the time. Her zest for life is like no other!

Tonight was the FRCS Spring Concert! For the first time ever, I wasn’t just an attendee in support of my students and friends but as a FRCS Dad. It was such an awesome show!

I’m sure all parents say that about their child’s school shows, but listen, when they are bad, you know it. This was not one of those. It was great. There is so much talent at FRCS.

I’m blessed to be able to have my daughter attend such a wonderful school and see the fruit of her education and practice come alive on the stage.

Thank you Lord for my daughter and for Franklin Road Christian!

~ In His Grace, Godscheeziest 🙂


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