Day 131

Today I am thankful for Fishing with Family & Friends!

I woke up this morning shortly after 5:30am with a pep in my step a readiness for fishing! I was able to fish a few days ago but today was different. There were many of us!

My family and several friends of mine met up at a nearby river to fish with our kids, or fix their poles every other minute, and it was awesome! I’ve never been to Proud Lake or the streams, rivers stemming from it, but I am looking forward to exploring more of this sweet little fishing spot. We hiked a bit from the launch dock and discovered an amazing little open area with fire pits, a patio area and some outhouses. The best part though, was the beautiful dock nestled right in this little area.

I wish I could I say I casted my line from this dock today, but there was an elderly gentlemen who had already beat us to it and I wasn’t about take over. In fact, I wish I had joined him, because when I saw him again later he had actually caught a really nice sized brown trout. Maybe next time!

I had a great time with all kids, practicing on casting, reeling and of course the worms. I love some good worm fishing. I was reminding of something today. I remember fishing as a kid with my dad and him telling me fishing is all about patience. That’s why it’s fishing and not catching. I may have said that a few times today.

Today was great!

~In His Grace, Godscheeziest 🙂

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