Day 136

Today I am thankful for Field Trips!

I’m gonna be honest, I loved field trips as a kid. I also however enjoyed school very much most of the time. Today, I had the privilege of joining my daughter’s school for their class field trip. It’s like another dream come as true as a dad. To be a chaperone for my kids trips.

We had a great time exploring and learning as a kid scientist all about what happens on the farm. We learned about compost and why it’s used and what it does to help. Also, how it’s made. For the most part it’s poop. I’m sure you can imagine how a Kindergarten class would react to that.

Through the lens of a magnifying glass we explored the home of worms! For the first time ever, I actually saw a worm. I didn’t even know worms come in eggs. I mean I probably assumed, but never have I confirmed that. My daughter is like me in one way, well more than one way, but picking up worms is no big thing. I got right in with the kids and helped measure different worms and even look for baby worms!

Next up was gardening. We all got to plant a watermelon seed. Little did these kids know, that they would leave a small impact in the future growth of MSU farms. Just awesome!

Last up for the first trip was learning about chickens and goats. Today was a first me in that I milked a goat. Kimmi did too! Along with all the kids and the other parents who were willing. Such a fun time today!

I’m a blessed Dad!

Thank you MSU Tollgate farms for a great farm experience!

– In His Grace, Godscheeziest

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