Day 146

Today I am thankful for play dates!

My kids had a play date today with their incredibly awesome friends, The Spearman’s. Sprinklers, mud, grass, playground sets, drums, a keyboard and race cars are just a few of the many things they got to enjoy. I miss those days. The days where I longed all week to go play at a friend’s house. Then when the time came, I played and had all the fun I could, until I crashed. And that is exactly what happened to my two. They slept so soundly after today’s adventures. No fighting in the car or when they got home, just right to bed. Well, they had to shower first, but even that went without a slight bicker.

Summer is here and I imagine this is only the first of many play dates to come!

-In His Grace, Godscheeziest 🙂

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