Day 147

Today I am thankful for long sleeves!

I helped some friends out today by taking care of a poison ivy problem they had in their backyard. As soon as church ended I headed home to gear up in long sleeves for an adventure in the weeds. Poison Ivy is not a plant you want to play with. It will mess you up, bad. If you must encounter some on purpose, be sure to dress accordingly.

I spent the afternoon clearing out what seemed like a mile long of vines. They were just crazy! In little patches throughout the area I was working in was the problematic Poison Ivy. I’ve been fortunate enough at this point in my life to not have experienced the pain of ivy. However, the friends I’m helping have and unfortunately in a pretty bad way.

After several hours of a sweat fest an entire pile of vines, tree branches and 6 bags of weeds I can say, it is finished. At least for now.

I’m always down to help a friend in need. God has blessed me with a plethora of amazing and very gifted friends who have all blessed me in some way. I’m greatful be a useful tool when I can. Today was a great day!

-In His Grace, Godscheeziest 🙂

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