Day 155

Today I am thankful for patio/deck builders.

I have a new-found appreciation for those who build professionally. I had the opportunity today to assist in building a walk out deck. It was a complete rebuild from the original 30-year-old deck. The old saying “The devil is in the details” certainly came into play with this project. The amount of measuring, cutting, measuring again, cutting again, placing for fit, aligning was incredible. It’s definitely a job where math comes into play.

I learned a lot about the structure of a deck, how far to place spindles, the foundation and even the space given for stairs. There is a ton to do! Just a couple of wrong measurements can mess a lot up. It’s a very precise job. I was grateful to be a part of it.

My favorite part of a job like this is the end result. The before and after. I wish I had a picture to show you, but I don’t this time. I love the progression of turning something old into something new. What a ton of hard work and fun it was!

I’m definitely looking forward to next time.

~In His Grace, Godscheeziest 🙂

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