Day 163

Today I am thankful for sleep.

Sleep is our friend. Sleep is something everyone needs. Sleep is also something I would bet most people don’t get enough of. Lately, I am one of those people.

I am a morning person through and through, as soon as the sun goes down I am done. Lately though, the sun isn’t going down till much later in the day and it has thrown my sleep off drastically! I am staying up later than I normally would and waking up a bit earlier.

There are days where I can literally fall asleep at 6pm and wake up the next morning at 5am. I love those days. I might have to plan one of those days here soon. In the meantime, I’ll be working my sleep schedule, trying to get it back to normal. I miss you sleep.

~In His Grace, Godscheeziest šŸ™‚

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