Day 172

Today I am thankful for day 4 of VBS!

What an incredible week of VBS it has been! The kids, the leaders, the creativity, all of it!

Now, I’m sure that if you have anything to do with a VBS anywhere, you’ve seen the memes that go along with being a VBS volunteer. Most of them are pretty hilarious. Some of them are absolutely true!

It’s not easy to keep a bunch of kids you don’t know in an orderly fashion and walk them around or even lead them to do anything sometimes. However, it is done. It is does by some of the finest and most wonderful volunteers ever! I’m not just saying that, it is true!

This week we have had so many from the Brightmoor family come out to help lead a group of children, or lead in an activity or even with the praise team. As much as we do as a kids team, we can not do much of any of it without the help of others. It’s the volunteers that make it happen!

As the old saying goes, “Teamwork makes the dream work!”

Thank you, all of you, who helped this week at our Ninja Warrior VBS and to those who help at another Church’s VBS, thank you as well. We cannot do it without you.

Thank you Brightmoor family for an amazing week! Thank you Jon Stem for so awesome and coming out to join us and make the event even better. Thank you to a staff that believes in and cheers us crazy Kids Pastors and our team on. Thank you Lord for allowing us to be your hands and feet this week!

~In His Grace, Godscheeziest 🙂

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