Day 188

Today I am thankful to cut my own grass.

Today I cut my own grass for the first time. It felt pretty good. Dare I say, I felt quite proud.

It may seem silly to be thankful for something like cutting my own grass but I don’t think it is. For first time ever in my life I am cutting my own grass. I’m not renting it, I’m not just helping a buddy out, but it’s mine. The Lord provided a lawn for my family and now I get to cut it. It’s a privilege. It’s a gift. It’s also kind of relaxing.

I’m sure there may come a time where I’ll get tired of cutting my own grass, but until then I am super thankful for it. Praise the Lord!

Thank you Jesus for the Lawn Mower you provided and allowing me to even have the ability to cut my own grass. To you be the Glory!

~In His Grace, Godscheeziest 🙂

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