Day 201

Today I am thankful for completed projects.

I took the day off today to spend with my family and work on projects around our house that I’ve wanted to get to before I leave for my mission trip. The projects I had in mind were to turn and old dresser into an entertainment center and to hang my daughters chandelier. Now, I’m neither a carpenter nor an electrician so I am on YouTube for everything. I don’t mind it, because I love learning how to do things.

I woke up and the first thing I got to was the old dresser. I managed to cut the front part of the upper drawers and put a hinge on them so they would swing down to open up. I then cut a hole in the back to allow for airflow and so my stereo receiver would fit. It worked great! I need to adjust the hole a bit more, but overall I am pleased!

My second project was a bit more dangerous. I was installing a chandelier into my daughter’s room. I learned the other day from a friend how to change install some Ring Flood Cams, so I was feeling confident enough with switching out a light fixture. I was getting all sorts of snags though and started to get a bit discouraged. I was able to get the actual light working, but couldn’t figure out why it wouldn’t actually mount! It was driving me nuts! I called a professional friend of mine who gave me a few tips and after a quick trip the The Home Depot it was hung! No joke, I felt like a kid who just won a prize or accomplished something he was working on. I even called my dad to brag about it.

It’s an awesome feeling learning new things and then applying them to figure out a problem. I am grateful. My next project is ceiling fans! Might need to call in reinforcements for this one.

~In His Grace, Godscheeziest 🙂

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